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Some of the people behind Courage to Care™


Key Staff

Malcolm Smith , PHD

President, Malcolm Smith Consulting; Dean and Director, THE COURAGE TO CARE INSTITUTE

Dr. Malcolm Smith is one of the nation’s leading authorities on bullying, peer victimization and social emotional learning.  A former teacher at the renowned Menninger Clinic, Dr. Smith has been researching issues involved with stopping bullying for over 30 years.  He has served as a consultant to over 600 school districts and social service agencies, and presented his ideas and research to thousands of educators and youth service professionals across the nation. Dr. Malcolm Smith provides in-service training and consultation, to reduce bullying, incivility and peer victimization.  To see a list of his presentations, visit

As Dean and Director of the Courage to Care Institute, Dr. Smith’s research is focused on how we can stop meanness in our schools by increasing empathy, caring, compassion and civility among our nation’s young people.  Dr. Smith’s work has recently been featured across the nation on National Public Radio, the Huffington Post, and he was recently featured across Asia on South Korean Educational Broadcasting Service.  His compassion, caring, and commitment recently won him the University of New Hampshire Social Justice Award.

(The Courage to Care Program was co-created by a group of people, including Dr. Rick Alleva of UNH and Dr. Thom Linehan,  of UNH.  There was also great student support on the project including Caleb Collins and others.)