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What does it mean to have
the Courage to Care™?

A Little About what the Program is…

Click to view a Prezi of one Courage to Care Lesson

The Courage to Care (TM) is an evidence based curriculum that can be taught in any classroom, after school program, church group, or youth setting.  It consists of nine lessons designed to be taught in about 45 minutes.  The program teaches empathy, civility, and attacks school meanness by increasing students social and emotional skills.

Two years of solid research went into developing this curriculum.  In a test sponsored by the USDA, Courage to Care was shown to significantly increase three type of empathy in students (primitive, affective and cognitive) and to reduce bullying and improve standardized test scores among hundreds of students who have participated in the program.

This program was designed and supported by University experts in education, positive youth development and experiential learning.

We have heard many comments like this one:

“I taught CtoC every Monday for nine weeks in my Social Studies classes.  My students really took to it! They looked forward to it each week, and were excited and engaged.  This was real world thinking, outside the box!


A Little About what the Curriculum is (click here to view a prezi of one of the lessons)

  1. An evidence-based program with solid research behind it
  2. A powerful learning experience that shows results in just 9 weeks, one period per day
  3. An Affordable Curriculum that comes with everything you need to teach it year after year
  4. Has been shown to work well in after school programs, youth groups, 4H, YWCA, YMCA and other youth programs


The Courage to Care(TM) Program was designed by educators and researchers to address the key issues that cause bullying, meanness, harassment and incivility among middle schoolers. It is based on the assumption that many students today have a deficit in their Social and Emotional Learning. However, instead of confronting this school culture and climate negatively, the program builds on the strengths of each student and engages them in learning how to become more kind, caring, generous and focus on the key skills of empathy, understand power in relationships, and the importance of character development.


A Little About what the Institute is

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The Courage to Care Leadership Institute is three days of learning, leadership and fun that will provide you with the skills, the materials, and the knowledge to make Courage to Care a permanent part of your Middle School’s climate and culture.

Led by world renowned leaders in social and emotional education, experiential and active education and researchers who have dedicated years to understanding peer victimization, bullying, character development, empathy, civility and behavioral change, the Courage to Care Leader’s Institute will change the way you teach and interact with your students and your colleagues. Institutes are held throughout the year on the beautiful New Hampshire seacoast and the Great Bay, or can be tailored to your district, organization, or association. Participants receive: “A full teaching curriculum manual that includes every thing you need to teach the Courage to Care including

  • Instructions and methodology for each of the nine lessons
  • A digital version of all materials
  • A DVD of the famous “Video Jolts” used to start each lesson
  • Copies of the student Courage Book that has engaging practice assignments
  • Courage Quotations and Courage Statements to engage deep interaction
  • Activity guides for each experiential activity
  • A comprehensive bibliography with hundred of resources

Call 785-865-9046 for more details or email Dr. Malcolm Smith at:malcolmsmith@comcast.net