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Right out of the mouths
of the Courage to Care™ team

JOIN US IN LOUISVILLE, OCTOBER 5,6, 2016 at KAPS for the first Kentucky Courage to Care Leader’s Training!

CLICK HERE  to Register for the Courage to Care Leader’s Academy in conjunction with the Kentucky Association for Psychology in the Schools (KAPS) meeting at the Louisville Airport Crowne Plaza on October 5 and 6!  As a bonus, attend a special session on October 7 on Mindfulness and Positive Youth Development!  Hurry only a few slots left for the first Kentucky Courage to Care training.  You will receive:  Full Curriculum and activity outline; DVD Video Jolts; CD containing all materials needed to train the program, licensing, student manuals, etc.  You will be able to stop bullying and bring civility to your school by teaching empathy and compassion with this evidence-based exceptional program for middle schoolers! OPEN TO EVERYONE!!

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