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of the Courage to Care™ team

Courage to Care in the News

RECENT PRESS: Here are some recent articles about the Courage to Care Program and its team.Click on the title to view the article:

Sixth Graders Learn it takes “Courage to Care” UNH Story about Barnstead Elementary

“Bullying on the Exchange” Dr. Malcolm Smith on NH Public Radio discussing Courage to Care

Building Courage” Foster’s Daily

Teaching Kindness” Foster’s Daily Democrat

“Fighting Meanness with Dr. Bully:” The Manchester Union Leader

“Today’s Generation has a Sense of Entitlement” The Enid Oklahoma News

“Putting Bullying in its Place” Foster’s Daily Democrat, Dover NH

“7th Graders Participate to End Meanness” Fosters Daily

“Debut of New Bullying Program”: UNH Extension News

“UNH to Experiment with Bullying Program”


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